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Pics Network PICS

- PICS Network is a DeFi token on the BCS issued on a blockchain platform with basic features such as smart contracts, sending and receiving, farm, NFT market, NFT Game. - Pics Network Protocol will giveaway a total of 4,000,000 PICs tokens to the airdrop. - Pics Network community. The entire giveaway is conducted in a total of 4 rounds. In each round, 2,000 sharer have a chance to receive the PICs Network tokens. This is the first round of the giveaway event. A total of 1,000,000 PICs will be given away to all participants in this round. Step-by-Step Guide: 1. Visit: 2. Follow Tiwter and share: 3. Like facebook and share: 4. Join Telegram Group: 5. Complete all the steps to earn entries. Please go: to claim token. You will get a total of 2000 PICs entries. (Note: Airdrop is AUTO) 6. Also get 1 entry for each referral. (Optional 10%) 7. The rewards will be distributed shortly after the IDO. 8. The PICs tokens will be swapped to PICs once it’s listed on an exchange. **** Don't forget to join our Telegram channel, follow us on Facebook and subscribe our newsletter to receive new airdrops! ****

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August 31, 2021


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