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PhoenixChain PCN

PhoenixChain is the Smartchain that have An ecosystem truly aimed on the others project would join us on our own Chain. The main idea behind PhoenixChain is to provide Decentralized Finance network, which operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). The path forward for PCN Token is determined by market fluctuations, but the model it runs on begs PCN Token to succeed PCN Token is a hyper-deflationary token with a maximum circulating supply of 1T on the Binance Smart Chain, a 6% transaction tax is distributed to the BNB Pools and 4% is putted as liquidity which is essentially a holder that collects more BNB everyday as transactions occur. As the circulating supply decreases, the scarcity of the token increases. This inversely proportional relationship constitutes a supply and demand model. There is no limit as to how many tokens can be burnt. Without a burning limit, holders get to enjoy a never-ending cycle of passive income with positive price pressure! What we have : - Phoenix Swap - Phoenix MarketCaps - Phoenix Farms - Phoenix Wallet - Phoenix NFT marketplace

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July 9, 2021


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