Coins: 26,289
Votes: 148,480,982
Market Cap: $46,659,821,544,382,744 0.00%
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Peppa Pig PIG

Peppa Pig Token is cute but with a lot of BITES! $ Peppa Pig is a deflationary coin designed to become rarer over time. All Peppa Pig Token holders will earn more Peppa Pig which is automatically sent to your wallet just by holding the Peppa Pig coins in your wallet. Watch the amount of Peppa Pig grow in your wallet as everyone automatically receives a 5% commission from every transaction that takes place on the Peppa Pig network. The community owns the Peppa Pig network by earning from the taxes generated on the Peppa Pig Token network.

$ 0.0000292346

$ 29,234,435,350


June 21, 2021

Green Arrow

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