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PepeFarm Finance PEPEFARM

PepeFarm Finance is a community-focused yield farm running on the Polygon blockchain. The idea of PepeFarm Finance was formed when the founders were disappointed with the lack of appreciation for the Polygon farmer community. Why? Most yield farms out there (not just on the Polygon network) allocate TEN (10) % of their fees towards the developers (devs) ... BUT only ONE (1) % referral commission. We don't think that's fair --- and the community (YOU!) deserve so much better than this. Like honestly, you're doing all the work shilling, retweeting, liking, and you only get 1% referral commission fee? You deserve more. Which is why we've launched PepeFarm Finance. Here at PepeFarm Finance, YOU receive 10% referral commission ... while we the devs receive only 1% dev fee. Now, THAT is something worth sharing about!

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July 3, 2021

PepeFarm Finance