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$PMP PUMP TOKEN is the FIRST TOKEN in all of DeFi to pair 75% of xSurge's xUSD in an LP as a backing asset! $xUSD is the only appreciating Stablecoin that can NEVER go down in price! By pairing liquidity with 75% $xUSD, $PMP will have greater price stability, a rising price floor, and can appreciate even in periods of LOW VOLUME! $PMP rewards in $xUSD! 50% of all the revenue generated from taxes are distributed as rewards back to the token holders.Your rewards will NEVER go down in price! Stack and earn for as long as you hold $PMP! The Pumpstarter is our three-step utility buildout phase that will be ignited through the Collective Intelligence (CI) of our community, and will utilize the Treasury to accomplish this. Initially, these funds will be deployed in $xUSD so that they will grow and appreciate as we analyze market sentiment, real time value drivers, and what's hot and trending. $PMP is launching with two liquidity pools ($xUSD, $BNB,). The reason for this? Arbitrage! The PumpBot will continuously buy and sell between the $BNB and $xUSD pools whenever arbitrage opportunities arise. This costs pump ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to participate in. This is a FREE service offered by 90% of the profits from all arbitrage trading will be returned to $PMP. XSurge retains 10% of the profits to cover gas fees. This is yet another way that $PMP can generate volume and revenue without a single token being bought, sold or transferred. Coupled with the continual rise of $xUSD, this can further bolster $PMP’s price floor over time.

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June 5, 2022


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