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The Plant is a unique concept in the world of cryptocurrencies. Plant initiative is that it takes its power from Binance smart chain. The purpose of existence is to grow a billion plants around the world. For this reason, Plant will provide funding support to PLANT initiatives, not just to be traded in the markets. This shows that there is always an infinite transformation for PLANT. When you, our esteemed stakeholders, have PLANT, you will also support many project owners and entrepreneurs to achieve it. In addition, we plan to offer many ways to obtain PLANT for you and continue our work on it. You will be able to earn PLANT with various competitions. Our aim is to always make PLANT valuable in an endless cycle and to provide future profits to our investors. With the ecosystem we have created, you can buy, exchange, earn and sell PLANT. The plant will allow the community to grow a billion plants around the crypto world. The Plant will be multicurrency supported for crypto and fiat currencies.

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December 12, 2021

Ahmed mansour

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