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What is PAREX? Prx mining algorithm It works on the drc-16 network. Prx supply is only formed by production technology. Every Prx token used for production is burned and removed from circulation. In short, the Prx token supply is very limited. Prx token is intended to be traded on many networks. The first of these networks is the Bep-20 network. Every token sent to the Bep-20 network is burned in the Drc-16 network. In this way, the Prx Token supply does not change. Why should we produce Parex? Parex Token has one of the rarest and most exclusive algorithms in the blockchain ecosystem. Let's talk a little bit. *Parex Token has no fixed supply. Parex supply is generated by production. *Parex Token used for production is instantly burned and destroyed from circulation. For this reason, the amount of PRX in circulation tends to decrease continuously. *The annual production of Parex provides a gain of 140%. *If you stake Parex Token and participate in the production algorithm, you will not be affected by FoMo. Thus, you will have more comfortable mobility. *You also contribute to the decentralization of the myDexChain network by keeping a copy of myDexChain blocks. *The number of Parex Tokens in circulation is constantly decreasing and gaining in value Network: Bep-20 🩸 Contract: 0x90e3414e00e231b962666bd94adb811d5bcd0c2a 🌟 Name: PRX 📍 Symbol: PRX 💠 Decimal: 8 ♻️ BEP-20 Supply Network: DRC-16 🩸 Contract: CX3d09a6dca5f04715a874506846440698 🌟 Name: PAREX 📍 Symbol: PRX 💠 Decimal: 8 ♻️ DRC-16 Supply

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