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OrigamiMoon OGMN

OrigamiMoon is an NFT Marketplace with accompanying deflationary, passive yield and auto-liquidity $OGMN token. Profits from the NFT Marketplace go towards market buying $OGMN, and then are subsequently sent to our Black Hole, that keeps burning more and more tokens every day. In its first day of operation, the Black Hole swallowed up over 800 billion OGMN tokens, and burnt them forever. Currently 16.5% of the entire supply has been burnt, and the team has committed to manually burning TRILLIONS more. Launched on August 25th, on JetSwap Finance's IJO Launchpad, and also a winner of the $1million JetSwap Incentive Program, means you can stake OGMN/BNB LP tokens for TRIPLE REWARDS. Regular Passive Yield, LP farm rewards, and JetSwap trading fees.

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August 25, 2021


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