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Orange Grove GROVE

Orange Grove - A fair-launch sustainable yield farming and staking platform that automatically locks liquidity, combines an NFT marketplace, and hosts the first casino running on the Binance Smart Chain. It takes advantage of a governance token (GROVE) and a yield generating token (GROVEOJ). This ensures that you continue to see strong ROI and the token you're using to stake only goes up in value. Automatic Liquidity locking Each transfer of GROVE and GROVEOJ must pay a 7% transfer tax. The 3% portion of the transfer tax gets added to the liquidity pool through the contract automatically to raise the price floor continuously. And the liquidity will be locked and inaccessible. Automated Burning As we have mentioned above, each transfer of GROVE and GROVEOJ must pay a 7% transfer tax. The 3% transfer tax will be allocated to automatic liquidity acquisition for both GROVE and GROVEOJ. GROVEOJ alone will apply a 2% burn on every transfer. The whole process is automatic. Holder redistribution Every transaction of GROVE will tax 2% to be redistributed to holders. Just hold GROVE and make more money. GROVEOJ doesn't have holder redistribution tax. Harvest Lockup Harvest lockup is a lockup mechanism used to limit the frequency of harvest. It is designed to prevent farming arbitrage bots from constantly harvesting and dumping. Anti Whale Transferring (buy/sell) more than 0.25% of the total supply will be rejected. As the total supply grows, this ratio will be reduced to ensure that the price impact of a single sell or buy order will not be too great.

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May 29, 2021

Orange Grove

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