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Optical Bitcoin WOBTC

In 2017 a group of brains from MIT, Columbia, Northeastern and other fine universities started researching ways to lower the amount of energy consumed by cryptocurrency mining. From their research, testing and developments a new concept in crypto mining emerged; oPOW – Optical Proof of Work. oPOW is cryptocurrency mining that uses the next generation of computer processing chips called OPUs. Optical Processing Units. oBTC is the very first cryptocurrency to use a new algorithm called HeavyHash . In 2021 this group of minds launched oBTC Optical Bitcoin. oBTC is the very first cryptocurrency to use oPOW optical proof of work. oBTC is being wrapped to BSC on December 15, 2021. The bridge opens at that time to wrap and unwrap. The initial woBTC tokens will be added to Pancake Swap. More Hash. Less Energy. Plus BSC DeFi wrapping. That's Amazing! That's Optical Bitcoin!

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December 15, 2021

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