Coins: 26,828
Votes: 157,632,099
Market Cap: $40,100,419,279,342,920
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OnlyGems Finance BSC

OnlyGems Finance is a BEP20 (BSC) decentralized project with real world utility. OnlyGems Finance mission is to bring new cryptocurrency concepts to mainstream investors. We will introduce our holders to next-generation concepts such as Staking, NFTs with utility, BNB rewards, games, CoinLocator and real world utility with "The Mine" - our own graphic design services. Our vision is to create an ecosystem where investors can have fun and also be a part of a serious project that will give back to investors in the form of buybacks, BNB rewards and staking rewards, which will be provided by generated revenue from our utilities. A part of revenue that we earn in our ecosystem with "The Mine" and future utilities (CoinLocator, Project X, DEX) is going to be used to top up the treasury with BNB. The BNB is then used for buybacks of our native token OGEM, which consequently drives the price up and creates higher price floors. Tokens that are bought back are safely stored in the treasury.

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June 14, 2022