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OMAX is one of the fastest growing project which is moving from BEP20 to their own network (blockchain OMX20) which is also a EVM compatible.They are way ahead of their roadmaps and the blockchain is already on testnet and open for public with 55K TPS with estimated 80-85K TPS on mainnet. ETA for mainnet is around 5-6 months from now. The project with 5000+ BNB on the LP with 18million MC on BEP20. Normaly 5000 bnb in the LP means MC of any bep20 would be 100 million + but here Devs kept their LP:MC ratio strong at the time of launch to come up with their own blockchain. OMAX is under revival mode with listings coming with some big Centralised exchanges soon. Visit their website: BEP20 OMX20 Explorer: OMAXRAY.COM Testnet: Faucet: How to integrate to metamask to check the transaction. Rpc url: Chain id: 1254 Network name: OMAX testnet Symbol: OMAX Block explorer url: Press releases: BLOOMBERG NASDAQ

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November 3, 2021


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