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No Loss NLT

No Loss is a project, founded on 21 of May 2021, which aims to protect everyday cryptocurrency users and future investors (in altcoin area) by providing better insight on the other new projects which are swarming the crypto world right now. Every each one of us probably got scammed at least once. In which way? It doesn’t matter – a scam is a scam! Our dev team grew tired of seing what is going on and we decided to take things in our own hands. The founder of the project and the devs came to agreement to stay anonymous for the time being due to privacy reasons. We don’t rule out the option of showing our identity when we hit some milestones, which is more than likely to happen! We know that people usually see anonymous developers and think of a project as if it’s a scam. That’s why we intend to break through that by making our work count and get recognized through it, not by showing who we are. We intend to set our goals based on things that are our job and we are responsible for them. What we mean by this? This means our goals are not going to be set for listings, exchanges etc. instead we aim to pursue our goals by developing and improving our services and userbase continuosly. Of course we aim and expect to get listed on exchanges and listing platforms it’s just we intend to chase more than that in both short and long term.

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June 5, 2021


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