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Nitro Farm NF

This project is in presale phase. Be careful when investing - DYOR

Nitrofarm Combines Liquidity with the Newest Technology in Gamification Introducing, Nitrofarm the first-ever real-time strategy RTS game with a significant APY based on a healthy financial platform combining liquidity providing & Play to Earn features. Harvest your properties and earn income in your favorite token or stable coin. Nitrofarm Features - Leave your signature in the Metaverse with customized & personalized hero skins - Enjoy the best DeFi projects in the world of Nitrofarm, APY from 90% to 251% - Collect Playable NFT’s and land that gives passive income or other advantages - Sell your LP tokens easily in-game and without boundaries to earn more. Why Nitrofarm - Ex Kucoin team is on board! Worked on top 250 CoinMarketCap projects - Backed by far reaching top 25 Influencers - Deflationary features, buyback program, and locked liquidity - Outstanding game devs & animators (Epic Games, EA Games, Blizzard) All this in an all-in-one unique strategy game! Take back what’s yours! NITROFARM Join us!




February 22, 2022


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