Coins: 26,761
Votes: 156,501,334
Market Cap: $6,658,809,750,380,580
Yesterday Winner 2 Metacade
Trending Winner 2 Baby Doge Coin


Nobody does it better than us. We are destined to destroy all other meme tokens and claim the throne as our own. Bye-Bye, And Welcome to NinjaShiba, hyper deflationary never loses as Ninja. After we moon 🥷 The plan is full maturation of the NinjaShiba project. Receiving auto Shiba Inu for holding NinjaShiba is only the initial foundation, we will be looking for new and innovative ways to develop further utility as the project progresses. Earning Shiba Inu as passive income was strategically chosen due to the stability and popularity of the coin, ⚔️ Join us today and learn why ShibaNinja is the coin you've always wanted to own, but have been too scared to do so until the fomo is burning so hot in front of you, you have to fomo in, let's burn all these other tokens into the ground and laugh while doing it. 🏯

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$ 1,665


March 23, 2022