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Next Financial Revolution NFR

Next Financial Revolution is a new Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 project. NFR is a very special and the first project to redistribute $BNB to all the holders. The developer team is a group with years of cryptocurrency investing and project consulting experience. NFR aims to redefine the whole DeFi step by step. DeFi world has been expanding all over the world recently. As DeFi grows bigger, more issues raise, such as security and liquidity problems. NFR’s long-term objective is to produce answers to such problems not for NFR, but for the whole DeFi ecosystem. NFR team is constantly pursuing the idea of using different smart contract elements in order to attract more buyers in the ecosystem, and to optimize the NFR holders’ earnings. NFR token is the first step of a whole new era. NFR team will be launching multiple new projects with unheard features, and ultimately a new blockchain to have its own, completely independent network.

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January 20, 1970


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