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Nest Egg NEGG

$NEGG will be the currency for the Golduck ecosystem. You will be able to purchase Golduck NFTs, merch ect with $NEGG. The majority of supply will only be available through staking Golduck! The idea of nest egg is to provide double passive rewards to the Golduck community and provide a currency for the Golduck ecosystem. It is also a self-deflationary digital asset that has stand alone strength. With each transaction, 1% is burned forever! This will serve as a store of value, due to scarcity as the total supply will fall with each and every transaction, simultaneously rewarding holders with NEGG coins.The tokenomics of NEGG will also allow the community to focus heavily on helping others/charities worldwide and will provide extra funds for marketing for both Nest egg and Golduck $NEGG tokenomics 1. Total supply 500 m 2. Pancake swap 125 m 3. Golduck staking 175 m 4. Burned 100 m 5. Transaction fee 5%, of which 6. 2% is Rewarded to holders 7. 1% Burn 8. 1% Marketing for NEGG and GOLDUCK/ also used for community giveaways 9. 1% will supply back to GOLDUCK/NEGG in the form of Liquidity and will consider the rest of funds to Charities going forward 10 Liquidity locked 98.9%

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June 7, 2021


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