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Home New Listings NICEHASH Advertise with us! NICEHASH $HASH Presale BSC Contract Address: 0xc7015b9573dcc7589e9962f988a959354abec329 Watchlists 3 x Status new Votes for listing 2/500 All time votes 2 Votes today: 2 🔥NICEHASH is a next generation on chain liquidity provider, which leverages the about NICEHASH algorithm to provide pure on chain and contract fillable liquidity for everyone. As a trader, you can see these features each and every trader enjoys sufficient liquidity similar to that of centralized exchanges arbitrage can profit from price discrepancies between NICEHASH and other exchanges Smart contracts can natively use NICEHASH liquidity to complete on chain transactions, such as liquidation and auctions. asset types NICEHASH charges a fee for each transaction and eventually distributes it to LP as rewards LP can create trading As a liquidity provider (LP), you can see these features there are no minimal deposit requirements and restrictions on pairs with their own tokens LP can obtain liquidity by depositing their tokens they already own, without taking on price risk

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July 9, 2021


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