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$NFTPorn is a token used to buy and sell 18+ NFT designs. When you want to buy 1 18+ NFT you will have to use the $NFTPorn paid the fee and if you want back the 18+ NFTs you own or 18+ NFT freely your design, you will have to hold enough amount of tokens to report the $NFTPorn we requested. In the future, NFTPorn will launch the function of hiring designers 18+NFT you will have to use our token to pay for this function, on 18+NFT you hire the design will be engraved the Name you requested. In addition, there will be 18+ NFT giveaways for the top 10 who hold the most tokens. NFTPorn creates an 18+ NFT exchange platform to help you make money in the cryptocurrency market and also a place to develop talent and passion for 18+ content design.

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July 8, 2021


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