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NFTMUSIC.AI is a deflationary and community-driven BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Our goal is to safeguard all the content that everyday musicians and content creators develop, and to prevent their fruit of labor from being taken advantage of. The growth of internet piracy, illegal downloads, and underpaid royalties have made operating in the music industry a risky venture. As the future of the music industry unfolds, we are making it our aim to change the landscape. At NFTMUSIC.AI, we want to engineer a new system for music that can empower individuals and move the musical culture forward. 1. MUSETTE Live Streaming App Our live streaming app allows musicians of all levels to create content and share their love for cultivated music. This will be an excellent opportunity for them to showcase their talents every day. 2. MUSETTE NFT Platform Our NFT platform allows musicians and content creators to upload their creations and put them up for auction. The contract assures that every piece of content is unique.

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May 16, 2021

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