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We put so much concern to our new idea for NFT 2.0. Previous NFT(non-fungible token) was saved by only using the Blockchain, and it will still remain this way. But, this is a different story if it is displayed at art gallery. We think our artwork is valued by its visible and traces of time. Do you know that famous NFT writers draw one digital picture and input #100 and duplicate & attach #100 more. This is how they progress their work. We feel very unpleasant with this method, and decided to check the trace of actual art gallery. This is NFT 2.0. By using public art, it is possible to use the art gallery and earn profits by using the token. This is similar with current reality of Defi. If proceeding public art, NFT must be Burn to progress NFT. If you wish to sell NFT by issuing, we have to lock the progress. This is called Locked Art. The art gallery will certify this and publish NFT. If the owner of the NFT loses the Private Key, we will proceed incineration of the Locked Art in the art gallery.

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May 2, 2021


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