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NFT Fame is a brand-new project centered around nfts and digital art. This project values utility and creativity and synergically mixes them both together.We propose a two-way split development path as follows: NFT Fame will secure collaborations with independent artists to develop, promote and commercialize special nft collections. As a prime target, we envision a set of multiple collections, representing famous movie or mythical characters. As time passes, we plan on extending the area of inspiration and give more and more liberty to our artists. The marketplace will represent a bridge between artists, NFT art collectors and art retailers. It will include a special metric that will boost the artists with the best reputation. The buyer will be able to analyze indicators such as price changes, resale rates, interest of buyers and many others. There will be two modalities to transact, fixed price or auction. There will be a reward program that promotes our bestsellers, early artists on the platform and other features.

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May 28, 2021

NFT Fame

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