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With NFT Breed you can collect a dog or cat or horse for small amount at BNB You can pair it with another pet and create new babies You can sell their new babies and collect lot of BNB You can sell you NFT Our firt NFT is Pets for first generation. You can buy it and sell it high when pets for generation 1 are beging to mint. This project will give chance everyone to make money and shill pet on breed Our marketplace will launch before the end of the month For example For the first time you can design and create your own pet (Dog 🐶 🐕 🐩 🐕‍🦺, Cat 🐈, Horse🦓🐴🦄 ) before to mint it; after minting you can pair it with another pet and create a lot of puppies or kittens or foals. You can sell pets's created. For example you buy a pet for 1.5 BNB you can pair it to create 14 babies pets and sell them 1 BNB each due to their rarety. With 1.5 BNB you can make 14 BNB for free. Another area and level of farming




November 10, 2021

NFT Breed

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