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MoonPills MP

As the creators of MoonPills (MP), we have developed this token to remind us to be present in the moment and remember to appreciate the insane ride we are on, the crypto market. Whatever it is you are chasing, we are here to remind you of that reason and remind you to enjoy yourself regardless of any market condition. MoonPills are here to provide you with an alternative token independent of the general market conditions and trends. Whether the market crashes or takes off to the Moon, the goal of MoonPills is to provide a safe haven for people that are just looking for a place to relax and enjoy themselves in this wild market. We are not promising to take you to the Moon but offer you a chance to pop a MoonPill and enjoy the show while the rest crash on their mission to the Moon. As once Ikarus did, all the projects offering a trip to the Moon are, in fact flying too close to the Sun, and their chances of crashing are undeniable. We aim to create a community that unites together and enjoys the ride regardless of the current market condition. We want you to think of MoonPills as a product that complements your success as well as a product that picks you up during your failures. By setting attainable targets for holders and designing increases in volume at major intervals, MoonPills sets itself on a trajectory to experience the levels of volume that would eventually generate an unassailable price floor. While this becomes grandiose in scale, it is already apparent in the market that the staying power of these tokens are real, and they become quite literally too big to fail. Come along and enjoy the show with a MoonPill in your system.

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August 11, 2021


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