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Yesterday Winner 2 Happy Monkey Token
Trending Winner 2 MBF ($MBF) is a community-driven, fair launched, decentralized finance (DeFi) cryptocurrency token with supercharged tokenomics that can accumulate wealth, even in a bear market. Some tokens charge a fee when you purchase them, resulting in immediate financial loss. When buying $MBF, you will incur 0% buy fees and have the peace of mind that you will receive 100% of the $MBF that you pay for! Whenever there is a sale of $MBF token, 2% of the amount is put towards future buyback transactions. Unlike other tokens with buybacks, we don't burn these buyback tokens but put them into our staking reward pool! MoonBear offers many rewards to holders and stakers. Accumulate more $MBF just by holding token, stake to earn additional stable rewards and receive quarterly "bear pay days" (BPDs) from token buybacks!

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$ 445,774


August 11, 2021


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