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Votes: 174,973,270
Market Cap: $40,099,012,415,119,984
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MisterFox MFX

MisterFox is a community driven meme token, focused on maximizing the input of its holders. MisterFox is an unregulated token, which means there are no taxes or any other kind of restrictions. What you buy is what you buy and what you make is what you make. MisterFox gives its holders the freedom to do whatever they want with their tokens. Besides the usual rules any decent person can think of, there are no rules. The low transaction fees, community-driven/decentralized nature and the active community is what makes MisterFox stand out. And because the liquidity is locked & the ownership renounced, you won't have to deal with backstabbing owners.

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$ 614


May 16, 2021


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