Coins: 28,954
Votes: 172,149,121
Market Cap: $99,012,093,124,644 -99.75%
Yesterday Winner 2 InSpace
Trending Winner 2 RavenX


Mint Coin started off as a project fueled by the passion of our two lead developers to see a cryptocurrency which is made for the community. This ideology is what brought together the development team we have today. A team which is focused on the expansion and transparency of our project. With community voting and an active moderation team, we will take any and all advice from the community to guide us in the most profitable direction for our community. With tokenomics that reward our community and long term investors, we hope to expand our project across the globe. Our team of highly skilled and experienced developers will see that our community is always the first priority when making any changes or movements. With all this being said, we named our project Mint because it truly is a fresh look into what a cryptocurrency can offer its community and the world.

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August 3, 2021


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