Coins: 29,526
Votes: 174,974,645
Market Cap: $40,099,012,415,120,320 0.00%
Yesterday Winner 2 EstateX
Trending Winner 2 RavenX


MiniFeg has advantages as Anti-whale, 6 years lock-in liquid pool, and free communication. All of these can protect the benefits of every MiniFeg arm. Free communication should a big difference from other tokens' communications. Every MiniFeg arms can vote for the decisions of MiniFeg. In the future, MiniFeg invests in physical tokens and economics. Every transaction can be tracked and used to build the MiniFeg family. MiniFeg is more prefer to an investing company, also, every token is the share, and every holder can get benefits from MiniFeg Industry. At every step, MiniFeg will make donations to animals. The team of MiniFeg is animal lovers.




July 15, 2021


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