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MiniDegens MDEGENS

MiniDegens ; Tokenname : DeGem Ticker : DGEM Venture into escpades that go beyond all all sense of “logic”. Embark on a journey where only few succeed. Unravel mysteries, discover landscapes with ancient puzzles and be prepared any kind of danger that lurks nearby. So strap on those degen boots let’s M.o.on. A FreeToPlay P2E MMORPG in 2D (retro look). That will change the crypto scene! The alpha game is released for the community to test and give feedback on. Help naming the MiniDegens, or create a story around it. This is a community project, with a team passionate about developing this game. And determined to make this project big! Stealthlaunch on August 26th 2021. And a migration on December 30 2021 from V1 to V2 contract. Tokenomics 8% Buytax : 2%LP / 6%Project 12% Selltax : 4%LP / 8%Project More info can be found on our website, white paper and socials. Whitepaper : Website :

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