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Mini Bitcoin Finance MBF

The first investment as a service token on the BEP20 network The investments on our platform are fully decided by the token holders and will be verified and saved within our smart contract. BENEFIT 3 benefits for our investors Passive income by $MBF Redistribution By HODLing $MBF in your wallet, you will be automatically rewarded a percentage of the distribution Passive income by receiving BNB/BUSD rewards from the community investments Our unique key feature is investing as a community! You as a token holder, have full influence on the investments we are going to make. The rewards of these investments will be distributed among our token holders. Profit on speculation of the token The simple economic law of supply and demand will raise and lower the pricing of our token from time to time. You can profit from that by buying and selling at the right time!




August 27, 2021


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