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The quest for financial freedom and crypto inclusion have made many investors to fall victims of the scam called shit coins with endless promises of price increase for customers who hold their coins while creators rug pull. These complaints have become the anthem on people’s lips, and this have made people to lose their trust in cryptocurrency. We have realized that people want more than the reward that a token brings when the price soars. On this basis, we decided to proffer a solution to the highlighted problems by creating our token(MineYield$) that is tailored towards solving the problems currently rampaging the ecosystem. This token keeps generating rewards consistently as long as you hold while the worth also increases. Let's all join this project as it is developed to meet investors’ needs and open up the avenue to earn BNB as your token worth grows. It is also good to note that all investors are free to claim their rewards and it does not expire




June 25, 2021


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