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Welcome to Metaverse-DAO. The contarct has been autidaudited by SolidProof. Metaverse-DAO is a platform relying on blockchain technology. We are developing decentralized games, NFTs. Our mission is to build strong virtual worlds (part of the metaverse), create really fun games, combine the advantages of NFT and DeFi to bring liquidity mining to its game economy, including play to earn. Our mission is to create really fun games, otherwise it will not be able to generate sustained value. The Game is expected to be launched soon. Before that, please watch the video to know about us. METADAO is the only settlement currency for the projects and trading game NFTs. You can use it to buy or sell NFT on our marketplace. Team members including a group of expert specialised in large-scale 3D game development, a team experts of blockchain technology, professional blockchain marketing and practitioners. We has completed the planning, art design, building framework of the game engine, tokenomics, and creation/production of original game paintings for the first game. The team will keep developing more games and NFTs to build a game platform in Web 3.0 world. Metaverse-DAO's actions include: ● Building a global community where all supporters and gamers who share the same philosophy ● Release the ECO-token: Metaverse-DAO (METADAO) ● Release the first blockchain-based casual/competitive online game, including game app, NFT ( characters, props, and land, building, transportation, pet), and marketplace ● Allow the community to participate in the governance of DAO through proposals and voting, which will effect the development of other subsequent Metaverse-DAO ● Our goal is to release at least 2 games every year.

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April 30, 2022


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