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Metaacres MARET

Metaacres will be the world’s first mixed reality metaverse real estate marketplace. Its goal is to bring the benefits of metaverse technology to the real estate industry. Metaacres will be design as a mixed reality metaverse where participants can buy and sell property. The use of metaverse technology makes it possible to invest in properties outside of your home state without having to go there. The app can also speed up the process of looking for off-market properties, so you don't have to drive around neighbourhoods looking for them., which they can use to interact with property listed within this metaverse. The project also introducing a decentralized referral and staking program through smart contract, everyone is welcome to be part of this unstoppable referral and staking program. Earn up to 10% referral commision and 12% APY on Staking

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April 1, 2022