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Votes: 156,501,334
Market Cap: $6,658,809,750,380,580 -83.39%
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Blacklisted Token

This token is BLACKLISTED because of Scam : Fake Airdrop Event.
Avoid buying and selling this token as it will surely cause you to lose your investment.
If you think blacklisted status is incorrect please contact us or send a report below.


MetaFarm MEF

Meta Farm is developed by Meta Farm Studio, a company based in Singapore. The Project is the enthusiasm of the development team. In Meta Farm, the players can experience realistic 3D graphics, AR/VR technology helps the players immerse themselves in the context of the game. INTRODUCTION TO PLAY-TO-EARN BUSINESS MODEL The Play-to-Earn business model is the latest development in the games industry where we believe it has a strong value proposition to various stakeholders and most importantly the game users itself. It’s a business model that embraces the concept of an open economy and provides financial benefits to all players who add value by contributing to the game ecosystem. Giving players the ownership over in-game assets and allowing them to increase their value by actively playing the game are key components of the play-to-earn business model. By participating in the in-game economy, players are creating value for other players and the developers. In turn, they are rewarded with in- game assets. These digital assets can be anything ranging from cryptocurrencies to in-game resources that are tokenized on the blockchain. That’s why the play- to-earn business model goes very well together with blockchain games. --- Telegram Group: Twitter: Website: Buy token: