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Votes: 157,365,420
Market Cap: $40,100,419,625,511,648
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MetaDogs v2 METADOGS

All about Metaverse / MetaDogs! MetaDogs aims to develop a crypto project that builds up the Metaverse by bringing in MetaDogs Coin, MetaDogs NFT, MetaDogs Games. MetaDogs Coin MetaDogs Coin aims to be used as a Metaverse payment method for in-Game trading and NFT trading. MetaDogs NFT MetaDogs NFT aims to use each NFT as an in-Game avatar for future MetaDogs Games. MetaDogs Games P2E MetaDogs Games aims to bring more meta fun to those who just love some playtime and want to earn some extra MetaDogs Coins. Tokenomics 4% Marketing 2% Liquidity Pool 2% Prize pool / Burn 2% Holders OpenSea NFT Collection - 10.000 NFTs 8% goes towards Marketing 5% goes towards MetaDogsNFT holders 2% goes towards MetaDogsCoin holders

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$ 9,181


April 9, 2022