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MetaApple MTAP

MetaApple was created with one true purpose, to generate passive income for the community. The MetaApple token can be found on the Binance Smart Chain(BEP20). MetaApple token holders automatically receive deposits to their wallet, in BUSD. To receive rewards, you simply need to own MetaApple tokens. Over time, by increasing the token's valuation and though daily investment increases, MetaApple has the ability to grow and replace the weekly payouts you are currently spending your precious time on earning. When creating this project, we believe in transparency, honesty, communication, and maximizing returns for our investors. Therefore, all marketing expenses can be e tracked from the marketing wallet. And the LP pool will be locked for 3 years. Combined with our commitment and perseverance towards our goals, we believe that the MetaApple project will visit the metaverse in no time, and considering what we are preparing in the near future, which will include MetaApple Marketplace, MetaApple stacking platform, and MetaApple Gear Game in combination with play2Earn and MetaApple V2 we are more than confident that we will soar very high towards the Metaverse! Join our community and feel free to ask questions, submit your own ideas for improving the project, comments, and what we can do for you so that together we can create something we can all be proud of!




June 30, 2022


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