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Name: Meta-Neo Symbol: MetaNeo Network/chain: BSC Contract Address: 0x4efb987b96e344872af96ffa8fb9eefed8846b78 Description: Tokenomics: Supply: 100,000,000,000 Rewards: 4% Any Binance Peg Token Liquidity: 4% Buy Tax Marketing: 4% Buy Tax Note: Contract sells the taxed tokens for BNB and Peg Token on green pumps. The contract is not renounced and so this tax structure can be updated accordingly. For example, right now there is a “Red Pill” hour where buy taxes are reduced to 3%. The BUSD rewards can be changed to any pegged token at any time. Allows for control of investment. If Avalanche is on a dip buy, then we switch to AVAX. Our Story: Out of the Matrix and into the Metaverse. Meta-Neo will star in a side scrolling P2E game, utilizing custom Meta-Neo NFT characters. Show off your NFT and high scores in a 3D gallery hosted in the Metaverse. Offer your upgraded Meta-Neo for sale in the Meta-Marketplace, or stake your Meta-Neo for bonus APR reward in our custom Dapp. This is the vision of Meta-Neo. We are riding the hype of The Matrix Resurrections movie and taking it to the Metaverse. Follow the White Rabbit.

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December 10, 2021

Meta Neo

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