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Meta Mice Underground MMU

 ⬜️ **Grow the Underground** – *in progress* • Reward the growing community with giveaways including ETH, NFTs, and special roles within the community with whitelisting benefits. ⬜️ **Open the MMU Virtual Gallery in the MetaVerse** • This will be a place for community members (and anyone else interested) to come hang out and check out some of the awesome MMU artwork. We will place never-before-seen artwork in this gallery. • We will host virtual hangouts here to chat and hang out with members of the community, the artist and owners of the project. ⬜️ **Minting Begins Mid June!** Launch the collection of 4,000 Meta Mice Underground 📍__**Phase 2**__ ⬜️ **Reveal the Mice**  • Once the collection has sold-out, which we expect to happen QUICKLY… we will reveal your Meta Mice Underground NFTs! What unique traits will your MMU have? • 10 Lucky people will be holding a SUPER rare 1 of 1 Legendary MMU which grants them an instant bonus of $1000 USD in ETH sent to them upon reveal ⬜️ **Deploy Minting Rewards** • We will host random giveaways after minting is complete to ensure we hold a respectable floor price. All you have to do to qualify for these giveaways is to delist your MMU or have it listed at .5 ETH minimum. Giveaway winners will be rewarded with exclusive airdrops including ETH rewards, exclusive artwork, smart home tech bundles, a Helium Crypto miner, and more! ⬜️ **Bitcoin Mining – Passive Income to NFT Holders!** • Bitcoin mining machines will be setup to distribute some % back to every MMU holder. In this manner our holders will get their return on investment and build a source of passive income. ⬜️ **Charity** • 10% of all profits from will be donated to our Discord comm




June 24, 2022