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Meta Kingdom CROWN

👑 Meta Kingdom $CROWN👑 Will be the next Play2Earn sensation of 2022. Releasing the BETA version in 48 hours ! The era of kingdoms is back ! In the era of witches and creatures, make your way through the realm wars and battles. Metakingdom, with it’s $CROWN token aims to bring to the blockchain an MMORPG Metaverse with Play to Earn games based on the Realms and Creatures universe. Metakingdom is the first concept version of the game. Our mission aims to build a Play to Earn Metaverse, with it's own ecosystem, with it's own exchange and NFT Marketplace that will have a real economic value. Battle creatures, sell your accessories, buy new spells, and Earn $CROWNS. Protect your Castle Use the thousands of combinations possible in the game to defeat all the enemies. Upgrade your character Upgrade your archers, spells and defense to face the fearsome monsters of the different regions of the map. Sell Your NFT's Trade your NFTs on decentralized marketplaces and earn real money. Just stealth launched! Very Low Mcap. 10,000,000 Max buy/TX (1% Supply) 20,000,000 Max Wallet (2% Supply) Contract📄0xeb4c99f68b99029bad6f874b56f4f9e13f956754 Chart💩 Buy💰 Tokenomics (Buy tax) Marketing 6% Rewards BUSD 3% Lp : 3%

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January 27, 2022