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MansionCash MSC

Mansion Cash is a community-based, deflationary coin with endless burning activities and redistribution pool parties, which are the key focuses in our DeFi ecosystem to help our Mansion owner generate tremendous profits. When you become a member of Mansion owner, holder, you're entering one of the endless, mind-blowing parties on this planet earth. We are here to build the long-lasting community with core utilities for Mansion Cash, such as: - Pool Party: redistribution mechanism, highly rewarding to hodlers. The Pool Party event will occur everyweek on Friday night. - Sauna garden: stake $MSC to earn as high as 500% APY. - Outdoor BBQ: burning event to celebrate the mansion-warming & bringing the community together. - Shisha tour: voting system for inviting guests to your mansion for a shisha-chilling evening. - Mansion IDO: IDO launch for new project on Mansion Cash in the near future - NFT Box: will be updated later when we have finished our products




June 10, 2021


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