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MUNCH uses a transaction fee on buys and sells todistribute resources to charitable causes. This fee is converted to Ethereum (ETH) at the pointof transaction and sent directly to thecharity wallet. The idea was born from the idea that the money peopleinvest in DeFi is money they can affordto risk. This is also money they can afford to donateto causes that interest them. MUNCH isaimed at people that want to improve systems that they have so far been locked out of. People that want to establish a standard where financial services have inherent redistribution of equitybuilt in via a more egalitarian system. By allowing the community to choose the distributionand donation ratios, and the causes (from an approved and accredited shortlist) every holder of MUNCH is invested in taking a bite out of inequality. Quick facts: ●10% transaction fee ●5% fee to be distributed to token holders ●5% fee to charity (directly to the charity, we don’t own the wallet).




April 13, 2021


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