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As the scope of blockchain services is so wide, the impact of blockchain technology extends beyond the financial sector to any business that acts as an intermediary between the two parties (for example, between buyer and seller). Solving the financial problems of start-up businesses is an important concern and the need to promote start-up businesses to solve the problem of unemployment is an important issue, so the MIRU team consists of programmers from around the world who want a free and fraud-free space for all communities around the world. Besides, helping the goals of the people (we will name in the future) to expend this human community,that some of whom are not at the right standard of living and need to expand their business in the digital world. We will support people who will contribute to the positive growth of human society, as well as new businesses active in all areas that help the growth of the blockchain industry , There are the attitude of providing a lot of jobs for people. therefore , we will spread this thinking so that everyone from all over the world can expand their business in the digital space.

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June 1, 2022