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If you like to trade cryptocurrencies, if you want to discover the metaverse in your shiny new self-designed supercars, METAUDI is created for you! Traders' dream token with the power of Kong (10% sell protected), only 1% tax, and an METAUDI Reward System (MRS) with you can win your own very real Audi R8! METAUDI™ ($METAUDI) is inspired by the car community, a fairly launched decentralized network token aims to make your supercars adaptable to the virtual designs of the metaverse. Interoperable into other worlds, you can show your own designs off in a car show, deal parts of your tuned whip on the marketplace, and race your trophy-winning METAUDI R8 in a competition, all while earning a passive income from your METAUDI Investment.

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$ 92


March 17, 2022