Coins: 26,752
Votes: 156,384,959
Market Cap: $6,658,810,487,115,878
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This project is in presale phase. Be careful when investing - DYOR

Metalander Online is a virtual world established for its users to have a pleasant time on the 3d platform to be integrated into the Metaverse universe, to make investments and earn money while having fun. In the game, users will be able to make constructions in accordance with their own taste and designs on Nfts and privately-owned lands, and they will be able to both play and play various games in these constructions. The Metalander Online map consists of 2 parts. Two bridges connect the two cities, consisting of Northern and Southern cities. The map consists of 6000 parcels that will host all summer and winter games. The difference of Metalander Online from other projects is that investors will be able to earn money by creating areas such as casinos and game rooms on the lands they buy. The world of Metalander Online will be a city similar to Las Vegas and Macau, where people from many countries of the world will blend in a metaverse universe in a foreseeable time. Based on the strong assumption that Metaverse will spread to much larger masses in the coming period and that people will transition to virtual worlds thanks to VR glasses, Metalander Online game will be one of the most important centers of the Metaverse virtual world in the near future.




February 6, 2022


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