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Lobommoon LOBO

LOBOMOON is a Real-Time Permissionless Analyzer Tool for all the DeFi Market focuses on identifying scam and high-risk tokens to prevent monetary loss to cryptocurrency investors. Also, lobomoon will come up with deep analytical insights you need for a token. LOBOMOON with its token $LOBO is built on Binance Smart Chain to bring a hyper-deflationary multi-purpose decentralized token driven by the community and traders. There are two simple functions occur during each trade: Rewards Distribution and automatic liquidity. ABOUT US LOBOMOON was founded on 2021 with the purpose to protect the new ones in the crypto industry, investors and traders from the scamming activity by taking advantage on what a smart contract can do. LOBOMOON network aims to be the most superior and popular real-time app to combat scams activity in the DeFi world. By utilizing $LOBO token, we will provide a tool to identify and avoid potential Scams and high risk tokens using our state-of-the-art mechanism. We have an advanced feature to check real-time data charting, real-time trading analytics, wallet tracker, permissionless AMM service, smart contract reviews and risk ratings for the benefit of the whole crypto community at no cost. We will also use a single UI capable of trading across all major DEXes including Binance Smart Chain, ethereum, tron, polygon and other network protocols with significant full on-chain activity, trading and analytical platform.

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June 21, 2021


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