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LightningShiba is here to electrify its holders and help out AFRICA!! 🐕⚡️ Close to 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa – about two-thirds of the population – live without grid electricity. This lack of modern energy services severely limits educational and economic opportunities, as well as negatively impacting day-to-day quality of life and health. Those without electricity often use polluting and expensive lighting sources such as kerosene lamps or candles, the fumes of which can cause serious health problems. Modern, high-quality off-grid lighting and energy products offer a real and sustainable alternative to the off-grid population. This is the goal of the Lighting foundation. The purpose of Lightning Shiba is to partner up with this foundation and help light up Africa. Lightning Shiba will also offer a 2% reflection to its holders, creating passive income. The first token to partner with Akon to bring awareness and donations to a great cause by helping Africa to have stable electricty in the countrys!! 🙏 Join us and Akon in the quest to bring light to a dark cause!🌅🐕🧑🏾‍🦲🙌 5% MARKETING🌸 1% DEV🤝 2% LP💧 2% REFLECTIONS 💠 2% DONATIONS📥

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January 5, 2022


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