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Light Lemon Unicorn LLU

This magical token has variable taxes determined by market sentiment! The Light Lemon Unicorn is a token where mystical tokenomics are applied. This contract has never been done before and this is the first who implement these features. he price will be very unpredictable. The unique shifting tax; determined by market sentiment combined with the LLURRR (Light Lemon Unicorn Rainbow Recoloring Ritual) will make this a very unpredictable token. This contract is designed and developed where the price should only go higher, where dumpers will be punished and hodlers be rewarded. Mystical Tokenomics include : LLURRR = Buyback and burn mechanic Unique Market Sentiment Tax = shifting tax based on sentiment Dump protection = Dumping will be punished severely Whale protection = No more than 1% of total supply Bear market resistance = Resilient against crypto bear markets

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$ 22,286


November 18, 2021


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