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Lendefi LDFI

Introducing Lendefi Finance Lendefi delivers leveraged trading via undercollateralized loans. Traders can select from a variety of supported assets to borrow for leveraged trading. Lenders receive interest payments on an hourly basis for their loans. If the trading position rises, traders can close the loan to remove their profits. If the trading position falls, the protocol liquidates the trade to ensure the loan and interest is returned to the lender. Lendefi manages loans and leveraged trades within a trustless environment. Security is the priority of the Lendefi protocol. Revenue is generated by charging a fee on trading, which is used to purchase Lendefi’s native LDFI tokens from the market. LDFI tokens will be burnt, creating value by lowering the total and circulating supply. A variety of rewards will be given to encourage the protocol’s growth and create value for token holders. Reward options will include Staking, Liquidity, Liquidation and Yield Farming rewards.

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January 20, 2021


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