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K4 Rally Token K4R

This project is in presale phase. Be careful when investing - DYOR

K4 Rally – The Racing Game that unites the motorsport and the blockchain community When motorsport experts, real racing drivers and professional game developers work together, you can expect great things. K4 Rally is more than just another Play2Earn or NFT racing game, it is the first ever blockchain rally game and game project. You can find tournaments where you can compete directly with them, or they design a special limited edition car, or you can chat directly with them. Well-known motorsport sponsoring partners will also appear in the game. Gameplay options: Manager Mode, Tournament Mode, Player vs. Player! K4 Rally supports true cross-chain gaming and its ecosystem is based on the K4 Rally Token (K4R), which is used by players to buy new NFTs such as race cars, racers, co-drivers and more. Players can also use their $K4R to earn rewards. By putting $K4R at the heart of the K4 Rally experience, a sustainable ecosystem is created where players have the economic freedom to earn from the game and contribute to the game economy. Players earn from their efforts. The game is already in an advanced stage of development. Beta testing will begin in April 2022.a new milestone in blockchain gaming. K4 Rally combines the world of motorsports and blockchain. One of the goals of the game is to get as close as possible to real rally racing. That's why real rally drivers support this




March 28, 2022


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