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Jumanji Finance JBTC

Jumanji ($JBTC) is a meme token with a 3% lottery in each transaction, 6% redistribution and a 3% burn on top. In future, JBTC will provide a unique NFT platform where holders can share and create own NFT’s that can be sold via the Jumanji NFT exchange interface. The highly profitable Jumanj lottery system enables the chance to win a big lottery pot. For instance, if the pot was not won for 3 times, those $JBTC tokens are added to a lottery pool. If the next winner win 3% of the transaction value, the winning increases automatically by the amount that is currently in the lottery pot. That will result in huge gains for lucky $JBTC winners. Website: jumanji.finance/ Telegram: t.me/jumanjifinance Twitter: twitter.com/FinanceJumanji

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May 25, 2021